Just call me the Willy Wonka of nuts.


I'm Hiromi Stone and I'm the founder of Kinomi. I grew up with a mother who was very fussy about food and a father who was happy to eat whatever was put in front of him. Somewhere along the line, I became a combination of both: happy to eat whatever as long as it was good. 

As I've developed intolerances, my criteria for good food has expanded beyond just taste. Come join me on my journey to find the best ingredients and flavours.


Kinomi began when I served mixed nuts flavoured with soya sauce, kombu and sake to my Japanese home cooking students.

People started asking to buy them and eventually a product was born.
The brand has evolved and now reflects my passion for good food that is also good for you. The nuts are the best I can source, the spices give a new twist to the humble nut.


The first Japanese flavours are at the base of all Kinomi nuts, reflecting my heritage.


こだわり - Kodawari

Kodawari - to refuse to compromise (on quality, etc.); to be fastidious about doing things the right way


Kodawari is a guiding principle for Kinomi, it’s simply pursuit of the best. As I acquire more knowledge and have access to a wider supplier market, what I consider the best will constantly evolve. It leads to fussiness and expectations that I will strive to meet. It culminates in a product that I'm proud to put my name on.  "I won't sell what I won't eat".