Spice up your life with Kinomi


Part 1 - the Signature Soy Glaze

The flavour anchor for Kinomi is my signature soy glaze comprised of gluten free soy sauce, kombu and sake. These are all staples of any Japanese kitchen and will add umami to your everyday dishes.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is a fermented soy bean product traditionally made with soy beans, water, wheat and salt. It’s been used in East Asian cooking for almost two thousand years. I use a gluten-free version, substituting wheat for spirit vinegar. The fermentation process gives it a rich, salty flavour, without actually adding much salt.


We eat many different kinds of seaweed in Japan, all of which have individual flavours and uses. Kombu is the strongest seaweed, so in Japanese cooking, we use it primarily for stock and enriching other flavours. Fresh kombu is harvested off the coast of Hokkaido, then laid out on the beach to dry. The wonderful flavours of the ocean are condensed through the drying process, released only when they hit liquid.


Sake is ubiquitous in Japanese cooking, and easily found throughout the UK. It adds a real depth of flavour, increases the umami flavour and also lessens the smells of fish and meat, resulting in a cleaner taste when cooked. Just a little splash really lifts the flavours - try it in your home cooking.