Hiromi Stone,
The Willy Wonka of Nuts


I’m Hiromi Stone, playful Japanese cook and creator of the Kinomi range. My mission is simple: to explore perfection in the form of a nut through experimental spice combinations and new taste sensations. Just call me the Willy Wonka of nuts!

I grew up with a mother who was very fussy about food and a father who was happy to eat whatever was put in front of him. Somewhere along the line, I became a combination of both: happy to eat whatever as long as it was good. 

My definition of good food has changed over the years, from emphasising taste to understanding the source and quality of ingredients as I developed intolerances. Despite those intolerances, I live to eat. There’s nothing better than sharing great conversation and great food, prepared with love from quality ingredients.

The Art of Quality


The Japanese principle of ‘Kodawari’ defines Kinomi. It means ‘the refusal to compromise on quality, to be fastidious about doing things the right way.’ Kodawari manifests itself throughout all aspects of the Kinomi range, my personal pursuit of nutty perfection.

From sourcing the best organic nuts, to choosing Japanese kombu for my signature soy glaze to insisting on fully recyclable packaging for every tube – every decision is made with kodawari.

As a producer, intention and generosity of spirit is very important. I want my products to nourish you, heart, body, and soul. That means quite simply:  I won’t sell what I won’t eat.

That is why every Kinomi product will always be made with simple ingredients, blended with love and nuttiness, chosen with kodawari.

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